CJ Rabbitry


                                                             Holland Lops 

CJ's Sweetie


Holland Lop Doe

Born: June 24, 2011

This pretty girl is a Sweet little girl.

That's why I named her Sweetie. But she

can be Sassy too, like most doe's. So her

nickname is Sassy Sweetie. She was shown

once and did fairly well on the table, close to

the middle of her class. Her last litter was in

April 2013. She would make a nice 4-H bunny.

                                                                                       She has a good head, crown, but ear's are creased.

                                                                                       She is tattooed but no pedigree.   

                                                                                                                                                                                   Price- $30

Blue Eyed White Holland lop Fuzzes


BEW Fuzzy Doe's

Born: March 7, 2014

These pretty little girl's we call the sister's because they look so much alike.

Their parents are Boo & Pearl. They come from Holland lops but in the parents lines fuzzies are crossed to improve the lines. Once in awhile a fuzzy or two will be born. These little girls have been held since birth by me & my two children. They love to be brushed and held. Will  make                                                                                  great show bunnies or loving pets. They have a full pedigree & tattooed.



Blue Eyed Holland Lop

CJ's Tinker Bell

BEW Holland Lop Doe

Born: March 7, 2014

This little girl is the sister of the fuzzy Holland's above for sale. She is very sweet, friendly and loving girl. Has also been held since birth by me & my two children. She has a pedigree & tattooed. Would make a great breeding doe, loving pet or for breeding.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Price $130


CJ's Daisy

VC Broken Tort (carrier of the blue eyed gene)

Holland Lop Doe

Born: March 23, 2014

This little girl is the daughter of Boo & Jasmine. She is a very loving girl always waiting by the door for me to come & pet her. She loves the attention, just soaks it right up. She will make a great little show or breeding doe. She has a pedigree & tattooed. She is the little bunny in the middle. Need to take better pictures.

                                                                                                                                                                 Price- $50

CJ's Sport & Clover

VC Torts (one has the sport markings) Doe's

Both carrier's of the blue eyed gene

Born: March 23, 2014

These little girls are the daughter of  Boo & Bailey. They both are very loving & come when you open the door. They are non showable. Sport is non showable due to her markings. Clover is non showable because she was born blind in one eye. But these little girls would make great loving pets or for breeding. They have a partial pedigree & tattooed. They are the bunnies on the outside.



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