CJ Rabbitry


New Buck's

EB Meadow

Black Magic

Black- Mini Rex

Born: May 2, 2013

Magic is molting really bad now, so the picture

doesn't do him justice.

This guy is  going  place. He already has 2 legs. I am hoping I can give him his 3 leg to make him a champion rabbit. I feel confident that this year he will make it once he molts out.

C's Boo


(Blue eyed white)

Holland lop

Born: May 27, 2013

Boo is a gorgeous  boy. Very loving. Loves to talk & give kisses. He has a great head, crown, and  ear's. He is defiantly an ascent to my herd. He will be a great breeding/show buck.

Country Hop's Otto

Orange- Lionhead

Born: April 24, 2013

Don't let the picture fool ya. This little guy is just having a bad winter day coat. He took B.O.S.V. at his very first show. He has a good head & type with very good ear's. He could us some help with the mane.

Hoping it will come. Will be showing him in the spring of 2014. Along with breeding him to my orange lionhead doe.

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