CJ Rabbitry


CJ Buttercup

Broken Tort

Holland Lop

Born: June 20, 2013

This little girl has such unique markings. She is so pretty. She has shown

great potential this fall on the show table. She has placed middle of her class twice. She has a good head & ear's. Her head has started to develop more through this winter. So I am excited to

show her in the spring. Her parent's are Cody & Bailey.

Country Hop's Zoe


Born: June 28, 2013

Zoe is one of my best

doe's in my herd. This

beautiful girl has won

Reserves in 2013. It was her only second time on the show table. The first time on the show table she took B.O.V. & B.O.S. To bad her color is a non recognized color. Maybe it will be soon. I cross my finger's and hope. If she could get points this girl would go places. But its still fun showing & feeling like you are winning.She will always win in my HEART even if it isn't on paper.

C's Pearl


(Blue eyed white)

Holland Lop

Born: April 1, 2013

Pearl is a shy girl. But is warming up to me more as time goes on. She has beautiful light blue eyes. She has a great head, crown, and ear's. She is a little over the weight for showing. But will make a great breeding doe. Which is just fine for me. Can't wait to have cute little BEW baby bunnies running around. Hopefully soon.

Schwandt's  Diamond D -Ava

Blue Tort

Holland Lop

Born: September

 10, 2013

Ava is a sweet loving girl. Just like her picture. She loves to nudge your hand for attention & loves to snuggle. I feel this spring she will do very will on the show table. She has a good head, already massive in size. She has nice length to her ear's. Her crown is a little tight, but I am hoping with more development of her head it will help.

CJ's Hershey Kiss

Siamese Sable

Netherland Dwarf

Born: September 17, 2013

Hershey Kiss was a buck at one point for those that follow my site. It turns out that he became a she. I am still planning on keeping her for my Netherland group. Where I am focusing on Sable Point, Siamese Sable and Siamese Smoke Pearl. She has good head, ears, nice compact body. Can't wait to show and breed this little girl. Have great aspects for Hershey Kiss.

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